for Physicians is not specific to medical practices. The service lists reviews for a variety of businesses and services in each city in the United States. Their focus is on helping local people find the best businesses near them.

The Basics

Can practices have a listing, or is the site just for physicians? Both individual physicians and medical practices can have listings.

Can physicians set up their own profiles? CitySearch gets their listing information from a database called InfoUSA. In most cases, a physician or practice will be listed already, so all you will need to do is claim your profile.

Are patients required to create an account to leave a review? Yes, users need to set up an account or login via Facebook to leave a review.

Is there a cost for physicians / patients to use this site? No, this site is free for physicians and patients.

How the Rating System Works

Instead of a 5-star system like most review sites, CitySearch uses a thumbs-up, thumbs-down system. Users give a thumbs-up if they recommend a physician, or a thumbs-down if they do not. CitySearch displays the percentage of people who recommend the business, and that serves as the score. Reviewers are also asked to leave comments about their experiences.

How Physicians Can Use the Site

CitySearch gathers most of its information about local businesses from InfoUSA. In most cases, a physician or practice simply has to claim the listing that already exists on CitySearch. However, if you are not listed on CitySearch, you’ll have to set up a listing on InfoUSA’s Express Update service. From there, it can take 1 – 2 months for the information to appear on CitySearch.

Once your profile is claimed, you can add and update information. However, because CitySearch is not healthcare-specific, there isn’t a place to add information like your specialties.

Handling False Reviews

CitySearch removes reviews that it considers spammy, which includes dishonest comments about a business, or comments that have nothing to do with the business. They will also remove reviews if they appear to be written by the business or by someone hired by the business, as well as slanderous reviews written by competitors.

If you believe a review is fraudulent, it is fairly simple to report it. All you need to do is send an email to with a link to your business page, the date and title of the review, and explain why you think it violates their guidelines. However, the moderators must agree with you upon review to have it removed.

Popularity in Search Results

We looked at a few different metrics to determine CitySearch’s popularity in search results. First, we looked at the Alexa Score. The Alexa Score is a ranking of the most popular and highly-visited websites, based on the amount of traffic the site has. According to the Alexa marketing service, CitySearch is the 12,157th most popular website in the United States.

Next, we looked to Moz, an SEO software service, to determine the root domains linking to CitySearch. This number tells us how many other websites are linking to CitySearch. According to Moz, 26,080 other sites are linking to CitySearch.

Finally, we turned to another SEMRush, another SEO tool, to get an estimate of the monthly organic traffic to the site. According to SEMRush, CitySearch has about 346,000 organic visits per month. This number only includes visitors who found CitySearch organically and does not include visits from paid search and advertising.