Kudzu.com for Physicians

Kudzu is a review site that covers a variety of service areas, including medical practices. On this site, you’ll find a mix of different service providers–it is not a site that solely covers physician reviews. The name “Kudzu” comes from the fast-growing kudzu vine, and the idea that good word-of-mouth spreads quickly and can help to grow businesses.

The Basics

Can practices have a listing, or is the site just for physicians? Kudzu allows listings for both individual physicians and medical practices, so you can choose whichever works best for your practice.

Can physicians set up their own profiles? Physicians can set up a profile if they do not already have a listing on the site, but they must set up an account to do so. They are also able to claim already-existing profiles on Kudzu.

Are patients required to create an account to leave a review? Yes. Only registered users are allowed to publish reviews on Kudzu. Users are also allowed to login via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Is there a cost for physicians / patients to use this site? Kudzu is free for patients and consumers to leave reviews. Basic account features are free for physicians and business owners, but Kudzu offers paid account options as well.

How the Rating System Works

Ratings on Kudzu are based on a 5-star system. Reviewers are asked to give an overall rating, as well as ratings on Quality, Service, and Value. They must also submit a written review (100 character minimum) and a title for the review. Users are also allowed to submit up to 5 photos with their reviews, but this feature wouldn’t make much sense for a patient reviewing a medical practice. Photos are more likely to be added by people reviewing a house painter or other service area where you can physically see the results.

Users can also edit their reviews and add a business to Kudzu if there is no listing on the site. However, users are not able to delete their reviews. Users may only submit one review per business.

How Physicians Can Use the Site

With a free “Basic” account on Kudzu, physicians and practices can add basic contact information (address, phone number, and business name), a link to their website, hours of operation, specialties and services, a detailed description, business logo, and photos to their profiles. They may also provide an email address for patients to contact them with questions and respond to reviews from patients.

Kudzu also offers a paid “Enhanced” account. Pricing for this account appears to be based on zip code; they will ask you to enter your business’s zip code before providing pricing information. For reference, when we entered our New Orleans zip code, the pricing was $99.99 per month (as of December 2015). If you sign up for a year-long contract, Kudzu will give you a 25% discount on your monthly cost. The Enhanced account offers all of the features of a Basic account, plus higher placement in search results on the site, the ability to add multiple office locations, call tracking, statistics on profile views, and the ability to add attachments videos to your profile. Kudzu will also submit your listing information to search engines if you have an Enhanced account.

Handling False Reviews

Kudzu claims that they do not edit reviews and rarely remove them. However, business owners are able to report a review, and Kudzu will investigate the claims. Kudzu will remove reviews that clearly violate their Visitor Agreement and Guidelines for Writing Reviews. In particular, reviews are not allowed to contain allegations of illegal activity or malpractice, personal information about the reviewer or business owner, offensive language, or hearsay. Kudzu acknowledges that it has no way to determine for sure that a review is valid. They encourage business owners to respond to reviews to tell their side of the story.

Popularity in Search Results

We looked at a few different metrics to determine Kudzu’s popularity in search results. First, we looked at the Alexa Score. The Alexa Score is a ranking of the most popular and highly-visited websites, based on the amount of traffic the site has. In the U.S., Kudzu has an Alexa score of 19,964, meaning it is the 19,964th most popular website in the country.

Next, we looked to Moz, an SEO software service, to determine the root domains linking to Kudzu. This number tells us how many other websites are linking to Kudzu. According to Moz, 1,759,332 other sites are linking to Kudzu.

Finally, we turned to another SEMRush, another SEO tool, to get an estimate of the monthly organic traffic to the site. According to SEMRush, Kudzu has about 52,200 organic visits per month. This number only includes visitors who found Kudzu organically and does not include visits from paid search and advertising.