Wellness.com for Physicians

Wellness.com provides people with information on how to stay healthy. They share articles from experts in a wide variety of specialties, and they also offer listings and reviews for a variety of physicians and medical specialists, as well as other health and wellness-related industries.

The Basics

Can practices have a listing, or is the site just for physicians? Both individual physicians and group practices can have listings on Wellness.com.

Can physicians set up their own profiles? Physicians and practices can claim their profiles if they exist already, or they can set one up if they aren’t already listed.

Are patients required to create an account to leave a review? Patients are not required to set up an account, but they are required to submit an email address for verification. However, patients must set up an account or login via Facebook or Google+ to read reviews from others.

Is there a cost for physicians / patients to use this site? Wellness.com is free for patients to use. It is free for physicians and practices to set up a listing on Wellness.com, although additional features come with a cost.

How the Rating System Works

Ratings are based on a 5-star system. Patients are asked to give an overall rating of their physician / practice, as well as a written review. They can also take a survey, during which they are asked to select a response to questions, including the following:

  • Was this doctor friendly?
  • Was this doctor’s staff friendly?
  • Did you think that this provider was thorough with you during your appointment?
  • Was the background music pleasant while you were in the waiting room?
  • Does this doctor use current and safe equipment?
  • Does this provider listen to your concerns and respond respectfully?
  • Would you recommend this doctor to others?
  • Do you think that the provider’s staff are well trained?
  • Were you satisfied with your appointment with your provider?

The listing gives the overall star rating, and there are also bars that show how well the physician / practice is rated in Service, Environment, Expertise, Recommended, Staff, and Value, based on the answers to the survey questions.

How Physicians Can Use the Site

Physicians and practices can claim their listings and manage their reviews for free. Wellness.com also offers paid plans that offer more features. With the Featured account, physicians and practices can have ad-free profiles, an advertising radius of 10 miles, get listed in major search engines, and get listed on competitors’ profiles. The Sponsored account has all of the features of the Featured account, plus professional review and reputation monitoring, a sponsored ad campaign, and promotion of special offers. The advertising radius is 25 miles. Costs are not listed for these plans.

Physicians and practices may not have their listings removed from Wellness.com unless a physician is deceased or no longer practicing.

Handling False Reviews

Wellness.com will only remove a review if it is defamatory or violates their review guidelines. Physicians may report a review if they feel it is fraudulent. If they have claimed the profile, they are also able to directly respond to reviews.

Wellness.com encourages physicians to ask satisfied patients to review them on the site. They also provide a Wellness Review Widget, which physicians can place on their websites to encourage more reviews.

Popularity in Search Results

We looked at a few different metrics to determine Wellness.com’s popularity in search results. First, we looked at the Alexa Score. The Alexa Score is a ranking of the most popular and highly-visited websites, based on the amount of traffic the site has. According to the Alexa marketing service, Wellness.com is the 6,764th most popular website in the United States.

Next, we looked to Moz, an SEO software service, to determine the root domains linking to Wellness.com. This number tells us how many other websites are linking to Wellness.com. According to Moz, 2,698 other sites are linking to Wellness.com.

Finally, we turned to another SEMRush, another SEO tool, to get an estimate of the monthly organic traffic to the site. According to SEMRush, Wellness.com has about 138,000 organic visits per month. This number only includes visitors who found Wellness.com organically and does not include visits from paid search and advertising.