for Physicians

Yellow Pages has always been among the more traditional venues for marketing a business. While fewer people actually open up the physical copy of the Yellow Pages these days, there is still some value with being listed on their site.

The Basics

Can practices have a listing, or is the site just for physicians? Both individual physicians and medical practices can have listings.

Can physicians set up their own profiles? Yes. They can claim their profile if it already exists, or set up a listing if it doesn’t exist.

Are patients required to create an account to leave a review? Yes, users need to set up an account or login via Facebook or Google+ to leave a review.

Is there a cost for physicians / patients to use this site? is free for patients to use, and basic listings are free for physicians and other business owners. More advanced marketing services are available for a fee.

How the Rating System Works

Ratings are based on a 5-star system. Users are only asked to give an overall star rating, and they can also provide comments on their experience. The star rating at the top of the profile is an average of all of the star ratings given by reviewers.

Yellow Pages also pulls in reviews from other services like CitySearch.

How Physicians Can Use the Site

Physicians can claim their listings if the listing already exists on Yellow Pages, or they can set up a listing if it isn’t there. Although Yellow Pages isn’t a healthcare-specific site, physicians and medical practices can still provide fairly detailed information. They can fill in hours of operation, contact information, business categories, services, and years in business. This feature is free on the Yellow Pages platform. However, physicians are unable to respond to reviews.

Yellow Pages also offers paid services, including several different local marketing solutions. However, Yellow Pages marketing plans are geared toward small businesses in general, rather than medical practices.

Handling False Reviews

Yellow Pages has a Terms of Use policy for users that prohibits fraudulent or harassing reviews. Reviews submitted by the business itself or a competitor are also prohibited. Yellow Pages reserves the right to remove any reviews that violate the terms of use. If you believe a review violates the terms, you may report it to Yellow Pages customer service.

Popularity in Search Results

We looked at a few different metrics to determine Yellow Pages’ popularity in search results. First, we looked at the Alexa Score. The Alexa Score is a ranking of the most popular and highly-visited websites, based on the amount of traffic the site has. According to the Alexa marketing service, Yellow Pages is the 240th most popular website in the United States.

Next, we looked to Moz, an SEO software service, to determine the root domains linking to Yellow Pages. This number tells us how many other websites are linking to Yellow Pages. According to Moz, 38,893 other sites are linking to Yellow Pages.

Finally, we turned to another SEMRush, another SEO tool, to get an estimate of the monthly organic traffic to the site. According to SEMRush, Yellow Pages has about 23,000,000 organic visits per month. This number only includes visitors who found Yellow Pages organically and does not include visits from paid search and advertising.