Patient Education

Patient Education

A Guide to Selecting Patient Education Content

Tired of writing pages and pages of content for your marketing and informational materials? Save yourself time and energy by opting for pre-written content.

Mudbug Media offers two plans for your patient education needs: the Premium and the Basic. No matter which one you choose, you'll have access to over 1,000 topics!

Premium Patient Education Offerings

The premium option is patient education from ViewMedica. ViewMedica's materials were recognized as the Platinum Winner in the 2013 eHealthcare Leadership Awards for Best Rich Media, and the quality really shows. We believe that "you pay for what you get," as the old saying goes, and quality patient education is an investment worth making. ViewMedica's materials start at $75 a month and create the best opportunity make a positive impression with your patients.

Basic Patient Education Offerings

The basic option provides your practice with a brief written overview of the selected topic, along with illustrations to help further explain your topic. The Basic Patient Education plan is included with your website design package, and you can select as many topics as you would like.

Should you decide to pick the basic plan, you can always upgrade to the premium plan at a future date.

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Provide the Answers Your Patients Need

Your patients will always have questions during their appointments. Give them an easy way to refer back to your answers when they’re at home.


Included with Website Design Package
includes unlimited topic selection


$75/ mo includes up to 25 video animations — additional video
animations available at $2/mo

Features Basic Premium
Access to Over 1,000 Topics
Written education with illustrations
Award-winning video animation