Practice Promote

Practice Promote

Do you know if your marketing efforts are helping you get the right patients?

The Practice Promote package takes the guesswork out of your marketing. You’ll see how patients are finding your practice and be able to connect that data to actual appointments and procedures.

Target the patients and procedures that are the best fit for your practice and optimize invested marketing dollars ONLY in the referral channels that help you reach your bottom line goals. In other words, do more of what’s working for you.

Practice Promote

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  • Measure Patient Interaction

    Conversion Tracking

    Analytics data can tell you how many people visited your website. With conversion tracking, you can go one step further and find out how many of those patients booked an appointment by filling out a form or calling your practice. Call tracking and form tracking data ties in with your analytics, allowing you to see how patients are interacting with your site.

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  • Target the Right Patients

    Paid Search

    Paid search marketing helps you target the patients and procedures you want for your practice. You can adjust your campaign to target specific patient demographics, locations, and procedures to connect with the patients that are the best fit for your practice’s specialties.

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  • Shape the Conversation

    Online Reputation Marketing

    Patients are behaving like consumers, consulting the internet and online review sites before choosing a physician. Those ratings can affect your practice’s reputation and bottom line. Shape the online conversation by proactively collecting and posting reviews from your patients.

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