Update or Remove a Team Member

Need to update or remove a team member on your website? No problem! With P3 Publish, the process is quick and easy.

Follow These Steps

  1. Log into P3 Publish.
  2. Select Team Members from the column on the left. You should then see a list of all staff members and physicians listed on your website.
  3. To quickly remove a team member’s page, simply find the team member on the list and click the Remove button to the right of his or her name. You will be asked to confirm your choice, then you will receive a notification at the top of the screen when the team member’s page has been deleted.
  4. To update a team member, click the Edit button next to the right of the team member’s name. Locate the information you need to update on the page, make the necessary changes, and click Save at the bottom of the page to make the updates.

It’s that simple! With P3 Publish, you can make the changes you need in a matter of minutes so your site is always up to date.

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